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Invisible Orthodontics


Once considered only for children, orthodontics now also applies to adults and gives excellent results. Invisible orthodontics is a new and fast-growing technology. A system of transparent and custom-made mouthpieces correct improperly positioned teeth with the application of gentle force.


Crowded teeth
Crooked teeth
Missing teeth
Large gaps between teeth


Custom-made mouthpieces: discreet and compatible with your social life.
Removable: possible to remove for eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth without difficulty, or for special occasions.
Dental hygiene: possible to brush teeth, lower risk of cavities, no gingival inflammation or periodontal problems.
Comfortable and painless: absence of metal that can sometimes irritate your gums
Predictable results: a virtual 3D treatment makes it possible to visualize the projected movement of your teeth. Even before the end of treatment, the beginning results are visible
No age limit


4 to 6 months